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As an important part of the process of enterprise management informatization, ERP system is gradually being widely used in enterprises. However, when we pay attention to the huge management improvement and economic benefits it brings to enterprises, we must also fully recognize the application risks brought by the characteristics of ERP system. In view of these risks, it is a new subject that cannot be ignored in the application of ERP to study and formulate the internal control strategy of enterprises under the ERP environment

the overall application of ERP in China is in the cultivation stage, the market is in an immature period, and enterprises are in the transitional period of establishing a modern enterprise system, which leads to complex problems in the application of the entire ERP industry, especially the business priorities and key points of enterprises in different industries are very different, making the direct efficiency and value of ERP in the application very different. Total 7 Appearance size: w920 x D510 x h1470mm, the application of ERP industry is mainly manifested in the following eight aspects:

first, the foundation is not solid

ERP management theory comes from developed countries, and the prerequisite of ERP requires enterprises to accumulate a large amount of accurate and complete data. It needs a certain informatization foundation, not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of informatization quality of data and personnel. However, the informatization foundation of most enterprises is far inferior to that of developed countries. Under such conditions, it basically depends on making up lessons in the process of implementation, driving or making up for the basic management of information resources, training talents, completely copying foreign experience, and there is a great risk of sudden implementation of large investment and reform

II. Insufficient application

from the current use situation, the industry that uses ERP software more intensively is the manufacturing industry. However, due to the factors of application awareness and application environment, ERP software is not fully used in the manufacturing industry. The biggest problem of ERP software application is that the application personnel in enterprises are not familiar with and understand information management, which leads to the insufficient use of ERP software. At present, the "top leaders" mainly focus on the purchase of ERP software, the support of the top leaders and the delegation of power, but they are much less about how to understand ERP and play the functional role of ERP products

III. The overall effect is not obvious

during the use of the product, it is limited to the control and training of the personnel of the technical department, and there are few business oriented. However, the use of ERP software is blocked because the technicians are not familiar with the business and the business departments are not familiar with the application of products. Although manufacturers are keen to provide a variety of training solutions and solutions, superficial solutions can not solve and change the problems that customers encounter in the application process

fourth, the integration degree is not high.

the future development of the first management mode must be to establish a group, global and networked expansion enterprise. ERP must realize the data access or application integration with heterogeneous software. At present, due to the weak foundation and insufficient application of enterprises, enterprises' demand for integration greatly exceeds the current situation of implementation and application

v. generalization of ERP concept

the product concept of ERP software in China has shown a generalization trend, which is not only concentrated in the manufacturing industry, but also some non manufacturing enterprises and institutions have ERP solutions for software products related to enterprise management. It is very difficult for customers to correctly understand ERP in this broad sense and distinguish software manufacturers in concept. The outdated theory of ERP, ERPII, timely enterprise and other concepts confuse the enterprise's analysis and correct grasp of its own management stage, ignoring the ability of ERP to solve the actual problems of enterprises

VI. The Application of ERP is gradually expanded

ERP's advanced management ideas and methods can be gradually extended to the circulation industry, financial industry and service industry, so as to improve the management level and economic benefits of enterprises. This expansion is a broad understanding of ERP core management ideas, and should not become a confusion of ERP concepts. Its essence is that enterprise management informatization integrates advanced management ideas, management structures and management methods. ERP software is considered to be an important tool for concrete embodiment

VII. ERP is returning

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after market training, acceptance, and the publicity period after software enterprises receive orders through e-commerce platforms or other channels, after going through the two extremes of "omnipotent" in Europe to "unproductive", it finally returns to the essence of ERP, returns to the examination of ERP, and focuses on whether it is applicable to the business and management of enterprises, At the same time, whether the enterprise can bear the practical aspects such as capital, technical level, product application when implementing the software system. Enterprises are also increasingly aware that management software is actually a system engineering. In addition to application products, the most important thing is to change the management mode, but there is still a considerable distance from the mature market

VIII. ERP is standardizing

the national ERP norms and standards in 2003 are actually a signal for the government to guide the ERP industry into a virtuous circle. Standards and norms are not a panacea in themselves, but the significance of norms from the perspective of customers and markets will make the whole ERP industry calm and scientific in a few years, and make the whole ERP industry chain formed by customers and markets mature. However, it still needs to be tested by the market, and it will take some time for China's ERP market

As a powerful tool for enterprises to realize modernization and scientific management in the information age, ERP has helped many western enterprises move towards modern management. Although management modernization is a process, a pain, and an insurmountable one, ERP can help more and more rapidly growing Chinese enterprises shorten this process and help us realize management modernization as soon as possible. (end)

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