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Overview of drug packaging (II)

beauty is also a trend of drug packaging. Packaging design - face is becoming more and more important

with the reform of the medical system and the implementation of drug classification management, the proportion of patients choosing drugs by themselves will be greatly increased, and beautiful packaging can have an impact on the vision of consumers, produce a sense of trust in the quality of drugs, and thus improve the desire to buy. Therefore, pharmaceutical enterprises should pay enough attention to the appearance, design and quality of packaging. Especially for OTC drugs, packaging will be an important means of market competition. While following the drug administration law and relevant policies and regulations, how to reflect the corporate image, improve its appearance design grade, and endow it with the psychological recognition ability of consumers is a problem worthy of attention

safety should be considered in the design of pharmaceutical packaging. The fundamental requirement of drug packaging is to ensure the safety, effectiveness and stability of drugs under various conditions for a long time. For example, the safety cover is designed for the medication safety of the elderly and children; Equip the oral liquid with a measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use; Put the medicine out of the reach of children and so on. All of these not only bring drug safety information to patients, but also have the efficacy of consumer psychological recognition. The second is the applicability and standardization of packaging, which should be easy to identify and improve the effectiveness of work. Compared with developed countries, there is still a certain gap in the level of pharmaceutical packaging design in China, such as the nonstandard use of drug names and batch numbers, the inconsistent use and quality standards of drug labels, the nonstandard use of terminology, the excessive packaging of drugs, and the lack of instructions, which are not consistent with the national culture and public aesthetic needs in design. The design of pharmaceutical packaging should also pay attention to humanization, simplicity, practicality and easy operation. The drug packaging that customers pay attention to is not only the picture of the packaging, but also to see whether the packaging respects the feelings of patients, whether it has affinity, and whether the design conforms to the taste and lifestyle of the target group. Those pleasing to the eye and high-grade packaging are naturally favored. Therefore, drug packaging should pay attention to humanization, play the role of psychotherapy, reduce the psychological pressure of patients, and assist the curative effect of drugs. However, at present, a large part of domestic pharmaceutical packaging design does not consider these links, which to some extent restrict the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, which is also a practical problem that pharmaceutical packaging enterprises must pay attention to and solve

the image design of drug packaging should reflect the change of concept. For a long time, the drug packaging design has formed a relatively simple and plain design frame. In addition to the text, the packaging of similar drugs is only distinguished by color changes, and the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused. This is dwarfed by imported and joint venture drug packaging, both in terms of appearance design and consumer considerations. The market needs personalized packaging design. Personalized packaging can not only reflect the grade of the product, but also indirectly reflect the safety and hygiene of the product. For example, the outer packaging carton of "gynecological Qianjin tablets" produced by Qianjin pharmaceutical uses 320 grams of white cardboard from Finnish forestry. The formed "gynecological Qianjin tablets" carton has high stiffness, good molding, and good shelf display effect, which virtually improves the grade of the product and brings high added value to the product. The outer packaging box of "Yandi" products of Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory adopts multi-layer dyed paper and laser film, which not only prevents counterfeiting, but also greatly improves the beauty of the products

drug packaging emphasizes safety

an important issue of drug packaging is how to reduce accidents caused by children's exposure to drugs or misuse of drugs. Statistics show that 30% of child deaths in many countries are caused by misuse of drugs. Some governments even legislate to control all blister packaged drugs, because the packaging of these drugs is similar to that of many sweets

it is understood that at present, China's pharmaceutical packaging materials still have some problems, such as inconvenient access, unstable ingredients and lack of children's packaging. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration revised the management measures of drug packaging materials and improved the safety standards of drug packaging materials. The new standards are formulated by the state. It will replace the past countries and industries. The project will include the addition of satellite functions in LEGO factories all over the world and the three-level standards of enterprises, which puts forward higher requirements in terms of product material, shape and stability. The smooth supply of drugs is affected. The supervision department will also regularly inspect the impact of packaging materials on the quality of drugs, formulate a catalogue of qualified products, and publish unqualified products. Therefore, whether it is the requirements of policies and regulations that the automatic gauge measuring devices of many tensile testing machines adopt contact sensors to measure the change of gauge distance in real time or the needs of market competition, the safety issues should be fully considered in the selection of drug packaging materials and packaging design

in the future, with the in-depth implementation of GMP in China, the national requirements for the pharmaceutical packaging industry will become increasingly stringent. The pharmaceutical packaging will gradually achieve standardization, refinement and serialization. The continuous progress of new materials, new technologies and new processes will make the pharmaceutical packaging more convenient, safe and more in line with environmental protection requirements. Safety, practicality and anti-counterfeiting are the inevitable trend of the development of drug packaging, and also conform to the needs of national policies, decrees and market development. (end)

source: international pharmaceutical processing and packaging

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