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Overview of China's food and packaging machinery market (Part 2)

B. development trend of food industry and product machinery industry

(1) the food machinery industry mainly provides equipment and technology for the deep processing of resources in the food industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline and fishery industries. But for a long time, 80% of food processing in China is primary processing, and deep processing only accounts for 20%. 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises in China's food industry are backward in equipment. Due to the lack of advanced and applicable food machinery, they cannot process food raw materials in time, resulting in large waste and loss. Therefore, only the development of food machinery, through the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of food resources can improve the added value of food

(2) in the coming years, people's living standards will gradually achieve a well-off level, providing a broad market for the development of food industry and food machinery. Rural consumption tends to be urbanized, the self-sufficient consumption structure is further transformed into a commodity consumption structure, and tourism is also developing rapidly, which will bring stimulating market demand to the development of food industry and food machinery

(3) at present, China's food machinery has made remarkable achievements, but in terms of product varieties, the proportion of single machine is large and the number of complete sets of equipment is small; In terms of technical level, about 60% of the main products reached the international level in the 1970s, about 20% reached the international level in the 1980s with special accessories, and only 5% reached the international level in the 1990s; In terms of product quality, there are still problems such as low performance, short service life, poor carpet quality and reliability

C. development trend of packaging industry

at present, the world packaging industry is developing in the direction of high technology, high quality, new materials, low cost, large-scale, specialization and intensification As China's economy becomes more open and further integrates with the international market, more foreign packaging enterprises will pour into the Chinese market, and domestic enterprises will face greater competitive pressure. The development trend of China's packaging industry in the future is:

(d) vigorously promote green packaging, replace traditional packaging with high-performance packaging materials, use advanced technology to improve the reuse rate and recycling utilization rate of packaging, form large-scale production, and reduce costs.

(2) grasp the key packaging technology and equipment, solve the technical difficulties of key components, improve the level of automation control, and improve the accuracy and quality of key components, Improve the traveling and weighing of the whole machine. Make full use of electronic and computer technology, laser, infrared technology, etc. to realize electromechanical integration and automation. The maximum outer diameter of the test piece is 300mm, which can improve the overall manufacturing level of packaging machinery according to customer requirements

d.1. Human factors lead to the slippage of tensile testing machine. The development trend of packaging industry and packaging machinery

1) the Chinese government puts forward the strategy of realizing a well-off life and developing modern agriculture, and the country attaches great importance to environmental protection It provides a great opportunity for the development of China's packaging machinery industry. The largest user of packaging machinery is the food industry. The electronic, chemical, fertilizer, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries also have great demand for packaging machinery. Packaging machinery is facing a broad market and has huge demand

(2) at present, the market share of packaging machinery in China is about 28% in the food industry, 15% in the beverage industry, 18% in the pharmaceutical industry, 3% in the tobacco industry, 4% in the cosmetics industry, 15% in the petroleum and daily chemical industry, and 17% in other industries

(3) with the acceleration of China's packaging industrialization process, higher requirements are put forward for packaging machines that meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t228 ⑵ 010 "tensile test method for metallic materials at room temperature" and other standards. At present, a considerable part of China's packaging machinery cannot be produced by itself or the product technology level is not high, so it needs to be imported from abroad

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