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Overview of condensate low load regulating valve

working principle: when the regulating valve needs to open the recorder before emergency, the actuator drives the valve rod to open the small valve core (pilot valve core) first, so that the pressure in the valve chamber can be rapidly relieved, and the small valve core continues to operate to drive the large valve core to open. This kind of valve adopts advanced pilot valve structure, which has the following advantages:

1 Sleeve throttling. The throttling surface is separated from the sealing surface. The main parts in the valve are made of special stainless steel after surface hardening. The hardness of the company's high-purity aluminum alloy products has high strength and light weight of more than HRC70. Close tightly, long service life. Stu condensate low load regulation plans to invest 2billion yuan in Panxi area. The valve is a special regulating valve specially used for condensate system, high and low pressure heater crisis drainage system and other large flow and large diameter valves with good sealing requirements,

2 Good regulation characteristics, large regulation range and flexible switching

3. The pilot valve structure is adopted to distinguish the two valves: the opening force of the door is reduced by about 15 times, and the volume and cost of the actuator are reduced

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