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Overview of Shanghai carton industry

the carton industry in Shanghai has gradually developed since the early 1980s. At that time, Shanghai carton No. 1, Shanghai carton factory, reconstruction carton factory, Hengmian carton factory, Malu carton factory, Jiakang carton factory imported corrugated board production lines and some printing slotting machines, printing die-cutting machines and other advanced special rubbers: high fluorine content fluororubber materials, hydrogenated nitrile rubber preparation, and were designated as the designated production plants of cartons for foreign trade export packaging. It is known as the six pillar enterprises in Shanghai carton industry. At that time, production and sales were basically balanced. The price is stable. There are no marketing personnel in the carton factory. Customers place orders at home

after the mid-1990s, a large number of foreign trade poured into Shanghai to set up a total of 56 large, medium and small carton factories, including more than 20 large-scale ones. For example, the investment of "Asia Paper" and "United Packaging" is more than 300 million yuan, and the investment of "Huali", "Shengbai", "Hengfu", "Huidian" and "Jingfeng" is also about 100 million yuan. At this time, domestic carton enterprises have also been developed accordingly, and the intensity of technological transformation has been increased. Because there are too many carton factories, the equipment and production capacity have increased significantly, resulting in oversupply. As a result of competition, except for several carton factories of state-owned groups, almost all state-owned carton factories have been destroyed, some have closed down, some have changed production, some have been merged, and some state-owned carton enterprises have been converted to private enterprises. Rural Township carton enterprises are basically restructured into private joint-stock and private enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, 152 small and medium-sized carton enterprises have been closed, bankrupt or merged

at present, there are 87 corrugated board production lines in Shanghai, and the "centralized board making and decentralized box making" in Shanghai is well promoted. More than 90% of small carton factories buy cardboard to make cartons. Therefore, the average startup rate of corrugated board in the city reaches about 80%. However, the contradiction between market supply and demand is still very prominent. At current prices, the production capacity of cartons in Shanghai can reach 8billion yuan (the same below). However, the market predicts that the annual sales volume of the market is 4billion yuan

at present, there are 68 wholly foreign-owned and joint venture carton enterprises in Shanghai, which have certain advantages in the market. The market share is about 50%, the market share of joint-stock and private carton enterprises is about 30%, and the state-owned carton enterprises only account for 5%. Carton enterprises in other provinces and cities have a market share of 10% in Shanghai

Shanghai carton enterprises are concentrated in Pudong New Area, Jiading District and Songjiang District

Pudong New Area is a competition between "Asia", "united", "Huali" represented by wholly foreign-owned and joint ventures and "tobacco", "Xinqing", "Jinhai", "Shengxing", "Jielong" and other carton enterprises represented by domestic enterprises. Jiading District is a competition between "Jifeng", "Jingfeng", "Daxin" and "Jiakang", "Zhongxin" and other wholly foreign-owned and joint ventures represented by domestic capital and "Reconstruction", "Malu" and "Guojia"

Songjiang District competes for hegemony with "Hengfu", "Zhongju", "Huidian", "Dahua" and "Haixin" wholly foreign-owned joint venture carton enterprises

located in other regions, there are also "Shenjiang" represented by "Shengbai", "fumen", "Shengbao" and "Dadong", which are wholly foreign-owned joint ventures, and "Shenjiang" represented by domestic enterprises. How to choose an experimental machine suitable for their own characteristics is the concern of most users. The competition among carton enterprises such as Fuguang "," Yu'an "," Hengmian "," Wang Yang "and" Shanghai carton factory "

in recent years, some newly opened carton factories only buy back-end cartoning equipment, so they have less investment and good results, such as "Shirong", "petrochemical", "Zhongxin Hetai" do not explode; It is an indispensable testing equipment for battery manufacturers and research institutes, with annual sales of 20million yuan. The annual sales revenue of "AISI", "Guoli" and "Hanyin" has also reached more than 10million yuan, and the profit is also high

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