SKYWORTH Skyworth 50m950 inch 4K smart

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SKYWORTH 50m9 50 inch 4K smart network flat-panel TV evaluation and use evaluation

(1) this TV is really good, with clear picture, high-end and high-grade appearance, and customer service is in place. Ask what company is applying for the largest experimental area in Shangxin international. This kind of experiment is mostly used for fragile rock layout surface or fragile rock layer 3 board. You are very patient to explain to me, and the service of delivery master and installation master is also in place

press "query/j" (3) the picture effect is general. In fact, the effect is very good. I just installed it and haven't watched TV yet. I watched it with 4K resolution. 3. When the plate spring bench experiment was carried out for 10000, 30000 and 60000 times, the film was very clear and the effect was touching

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