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SKYWORTH's world's first intelligent coffee table realizes full connection of home appliances, entertainment lighting, etc.

Dagong, November 28 (Li Changhong) Skyworth Digital () held a Skyworth intelligent human settlement product conference and strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen on the 27th, and launched the world's first intelligent control center with voice, touch and other intelligent control methods and humanized experience, Skyworth intelligent coffee table, through 5g, IOT Interconnection connects all household appliances at home. The displacement measurement of this electronic universal experimental machine selects a high-speed circuit system to complete the 4-quadrant collection of photoelectric encoder, realize voice control, and help people realize their dream of intelligent human life. At the press conference, Skyworth Digital and poly signed a cooperation agreement with different materials in different industries, such as ecology, Yuexiu real estate and Hong Kong Royal Furniture, which will provide them with smart homes to integrate into their real estate and furniture

Skyworth signed a contract with poly ecology to jointly build an intelligent human settlement center. Photo by Li Changhong, Ta Kung Pao

with the wide application of 5g technology and IOT, smart home has become a fashionable lifestyle in the future. SKYWORTH's intelligent human settlement control center (Intelligent coffee table) released this time applies advanced technologies such as high-definition video technology, refrigeration and preservation technology, speech recognition technology, multi touch technology, and finally comes out in the form of tea table products. Within the intelligent control coffee table, a central system for the interconnection and intelligent interaction of all kinds of ecological devices has been established, through which the scene type intelligent work, learning, shopping and entertainment can be easily realized

Skyworth is the world's first intelligent coffee table to realize full connection of home appliances, entertainment lighting, etc. Photo by Li Changhong, Ta Kung Pao

it is reported that the intelligent control coffee table integrates the achievements of Skyworth Group's long-term research in the fields of multimedia business, home appliance business, intelligent system technology business and so on. It has signed a contract with Midea Group, which can realize the same thing connection with all Midea home appliances, and realize the network connection with other home appliances through infrared technology. Smart control coffee table is Skyworth's first cross cutting, Multi-Tech and multi-functional smart control innovative product in the intelligent human settlements industry. It is also Skyworth's accurate grasp and response to consumer needs in the context of the 5g era

Skyworth intelligent control coffee table is a new form of intelligent life for the future. It is also an intelligent human settlement control center integrating household appliances, home entertainment, freezers, intelligent audio and wireless charging, creating a truly intelligent human settlement belonging to consumers. It makes the smart home realize the leap from the traditional private screen interaction to the public screen, and begins to replace the policyholder to inquire about the investment function of the insurance company, making a new interpretation of the smart home

at the meeting, Skyworth also held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony with partners from real estate, home decoration, home furnishings and other fields, such as Yuexiu real estate, Poly International Ecology, beautiful home furnishings, Hong Kong imperial furniture, Shenzhen left and right furniture, Golden Bauhinia decoration, etc., to put intelligent system technology into the planning, design and construction of intelligent human settlements, and work with all parties to create a beautiful home centered future living environment

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