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Slovakia held the handover ceremony of the container inspection system project

in September 2005, the company's researchers passed the performance characteristics of some equipment. On the 8th, the handover ceremony of the thscan mb1215hs container inspection system project provided by the Chinese government to the Slovak government was held in the Slovak border city of vishne metzkay. Nearly 100 people attended the handover ceremony, including Huang Zhongpo, Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, Fei Yixiang, commercial counselor, Chen Zhiqiang, vice president of Tsinghua Tongfang Weishi Technology Co., Ltd., Schuster, former president of Sri Lanka, mikelosh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of finance, CICI, director of the president's Office, gonjoel, director of the General Administration of customs, and people from all walks of life, including Sri Lanka's national radio, national television, and Sri Lanka's national news agency. Ambassador Huang and Deputy Prime Minister mikelosh of Sri Lanka signed the project handover certificate on behalf of the two governments, and cut the ribbon for the container inspection system project

Ambassador Huang said in his speech that this container inspection system is a gift given by the Chinese government to the Slovak people during the visit of former Slovak President Mr. Schuster to China in early 2003. It is also a witness of the friendly exchanges between China and Slovakia and the deep friendship between the two peoples. Most of the major equipment of enterprises still adopt planned inspection. It is hoped that it can make due contributions to improving the inspection efficiency of Sri Lanka customs, cracking down on smuggling crimes and maintaining the stability of economic order. Ambassador Huang also said that there is a traditional friendship between China and Sri Lanka, and there is no conflict of fundamental interests. Developing China Sri Lanka relations is in the interests of the two peoples. China is willing to work with Sri Lanka to continuously improve the level of friendly and cooperative relations between the two countries

Vice Premier mikelosh expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government for giving the container inspection system. At the same time, he expressed his gratitude to the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments for their assistance and convenience in the implementation of the project. He also expressed his admiration for the industrious and intelligent Chinese people for creating such a high-tech inspection system, and said that Sri Lanka was fortunate to become the only country in Central Europe with this equipment. Mi also said that after Sri Lanka joins the EU, its eastern border will also become the external border of the EU. This set of equipment will strengthen the supervision of border goods. The system will play an important role in Combating Smuggling, illegal immigration and maintaining social stability. In addition, former president Schuster of Sri Lanka and director of the current presidential office CICI also delivered speeches respectively

after the official handover ceremony, Sri Lankan technicians demonstrated the container inspection process for the guests on site, and the guests highly appreciated the rapidity and accuracy of the equipment inspection

information is still degradable source: Embassy in Slovakia

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