Small fault detection method of the hottest paper

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Paper feeder small fault detection method

the paper feeding part is an important part of offset printing machine. Its main function is to transport the printing sheets to the printing unit orderly and accurately. There are many working parts in the paper feeding part, and they cooperate with each other in the paper feeding process to ensure the delivery of printing sheets. If any of the working parts are improperly adjusted or worn, loose or out of position during the paper feeding process, it will hinder the normal paper feeding. In my work, the author encountered the problem that the paper stopper of the paper stopper tongue didn't swing properly and sometimes couldn't be reversed, which hindered the normal paper feeding. The paper stop swing of the paper stop tongue is driven by the shaft to rotate its cam, and then the cam pushes the paper stop tongue to swing the paper stop through the swing rod and connecting rod. However, although the plastic film can be bent, its motion law is that when the paper delivery suction nozzle delivers the paper forward, the paper stop tongue falls down, and when the paper passes over the paper stop tongue, the paper stop tongue returns to its original position. The falling of the paper stopper tongue is pulled by the spring, and the reset paper stopper is a breakthrough in the industrialization technology of fine ceramics, scintillation crystals, high-pressure composite gas cylinders and other materials in the building materials industry driven by the cam. After checking that the cam and spring work normally, I removed the connecting rod and pushed the paper stop shaft to rotate with the manual swing rod. The paper stop shaft does not rotate flexibly and the reverse rotation is relatively tight, so the paper stop of the paper stop tongue cannot reverse when it swings

I checked the three support points on the paper stop shaft and found that the middle support point was not fixed tightly and moved. Because the shaft rotation requires three support points to be in the same straight line, the middle support point receives a relatively large impact force during rotation. Once it is not fixed tightly, it will move, and there will be resistance. However, the inversion of the paper retaining tongue is pulled by the spring, and the tension of the spring itself is small. Once there is resistance, it will not fall down, affecting the normal paper feeding. Retighten the middle support point, clean the rotating parts under the support point and the shaft, and apply oil. After startup, the paper feeding is normal

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