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SKYWORTH's share in the smart TV market has increased steadily.

this year, Skyworth's total sales target for OLED organic TVs in the Chinese market is 30000, with global sales of 50000. Liu Tangzhi, vice president of Skyworth Group, said that a new product needs to be promoted and produced. There are many problems in the supply chain that need to be coordinated. This year, we have confidence in the domestic market, and the global market depends on the coordination and combination with upstream suppliers

158% and 1. The latest data of 04x

shows that Skyworth achieved 33% in 4K smart TV business in November. The monthly sales volume of 70000 units was 13 in November 2014. The "white pollution" biodegradable plastics were favored by 0.04 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 158%. From April to November 2015, the total sales volume of Skyworth 4K smart TV also reached 165. 30000 units, with a year-on-year increase of 1. 04 times

under the rampant price war in China's color TV industry and the cold winter of the home appliance consumer market, the company's sales performance can be described as unparalleled. In the Chinese market, the company achieved a total sales of 110 color TV sets in November. 30000 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 21%; The cumulative total sales volume in the month was 633. 20000 sets, with a year-on-year increase of 6%

Li Tao, editor in chief of household appliances, pointed out that smart TV port is the important value of investment in Skyworth. Skyworth's smart TV market share in the Chinese market has steadily increased, and smart TV platforms have leading advantages. Next year will be the initial growth period of the commercial operation of smart TV platforms in the leading echelon of color TV, and the importance of the average price and revenue scale of color TV will gradually decline, Instead, the sharp increase in the number of interactive users brought about by the increase in the market share of smart TV shipments has initially formed a profit source for new business models such as advertising, shopping, services and education

Skyworth cited the offline market data of Aowei consulting (AVC) to point out that in the Chinese TV market, the market share of Skyworth TV sales and sales is 17 respectively. 5% and 16. 9%, ranking first in China; The sales volume and sales market share of 4K UHD TVs are 20 respectively. 5% and 18. 2%, ranking first and second in China respectively

as for the capacity of China's color TV market, Yang Dongwen, President of Skyworth Group, said that this year's Chinese color TV market is expected to be 44.73 million units, a slight increase or flat compared with the same period last year, and it is predicted that the same will be true in 2016, with a slight increase of 45million units in 2017. These years (color TV) are all storage markets

average unit price and gross profit rate

from April to September 2015, Skyworth Digital's total business volume reached 195. HK $4.9 billion (about 16 billion yuan, subject to the actual transaction price at the bank counter), an increase of 5% year-on-year. 8%; The gross profit of the company amounted to 40. HK $2.3 billion, up 11. 4%; The company realized net profit 9. 8.5 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 811 million yuan), an increase of 8% year on year. 5%。 As the host needs self-test after startup, Yang Dongwen, President of Skyworth Group, also made a detailed interpretation of a previous research report of the bank at the 2015 mid year financial report interpretation meeting. Yang Dongwen said to household appliances: "Investors are very concerned about this average unit price. You have noticed that our stock fell one day, that is, a report said that the average unit price fell a lot in October, so it is predicted that the gross profit margin will also fall. The average unit price and gross margin often cut a right angle gap at the edge. Generally speaking, the higher the average unit price, the higher the gross profit margin, but the general law is not one-to-one correspondence. For example, our TV is in the promotion period, and the average unit price is not the same Very high, more than 20000, gross profit margin is not high. So I found that the report should be a novice. In fact, our average unit price fell a little, but our gross profit margin increased a little. "

according to the financial report data of Skyworth 201 sun Ruibiao, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation on May 16, the overall gross profit margin of Skyworth Digital is 20. 6%, up 1 year on year. 1 percentage point. In the Chinese market, the company said that in the first half of the fiscal year, it took product differentiation as its selling point, constantly strengthened the strength and position of high-end brands, vigorously promoted smart products with high gross profit and high average selling price, and significantly increased the sales proportion of 4K smart TVs in the Chinese Mainland market to 24. 6%, up 90% year-on-year. 7%, thus alleviating the impact of the continuous decline in the average selling unit price

according to household appliances, in addition to OLED organic TVs, Skyworth gledaair TVs and high-end color TVs equipped with HDR functions became important product lines that helped 4K smart TV sales soar in 2015

Skyworth's most high-end gledairg9200 TV is very thin. It adopts an integrated module design, which not only improves the brightness of the TV picture, but also closely fits the backlight module with the LCD glass, reducing the thickness of the screen to an amazing 7. 5mm, challenging the world's thinnest LED TV record

hdr (highdynamicrange) is the current global display and TV? 4khdr is the most popular advanced technology in the film content industry. 4khdr is a more advanced image processing technology than 4K. With the combination of HDR films and TVs, the colors presented by TVs are more vivid, the contrast between the brightest and darkest pictures is clearer, and the objects in the pictures are more realistic. SKYWORTH's g8210 is the world's first mass-produced 4khdr TV, which was jointly developed by Skyworth and Ruiyu

oled organic TV, get ready early

in order to break the industry sales crisis in the stock market, Skyworth supported the promotion and popularization of OLED organic TV this year to promote consumption upgrading and product renewal. Liu Tangzhi, vice president of Skyworth Group and President of China color TV business unit, said that next year we have an opportunity. We have grasped the direction of the industry and received upstream support in advance. Next year must be the promotion year of OLED, and the cost and price of OLED will drop rapidly. Recently, according to media reports, Samsung returned to OLED and plans to put all the output value sold into production. Skyworth still has the opportunity to be in the market next year Get a good return on the new display. "

according to household appliances, OLED large-size products are mainly used in TV terminal at present, and there may be broader application space in medical treatment and other aspects in the future. Its advantages are higher definition, self illumination, energy saving and power saving, better color reduction, lighter and thinner. It can even be pasted on the wall, and it can be curled. The product line will be richer and richer, and consumers' sense of expectation will be stronger and stronger

Lu Renbo, a senior appliance professional and Deputy Secretary General of the China electronics chamber of Commerce, wrote that recently, many enterprises have accelerated the layout of OLED. The return or overweight of several giants has made the OLED camp grow rapidly, which means that the era of OLED is accelerating, and the improvement of yield and the decline of price will also become an inevitable trend. In the face of new technologies, Chinese color TV enterprises should take a long-term view and make early preparations for the industrial layout, So as not to fall into passivity in the future

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