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Yuchai lived up to its mission and served the Victory Day parade with "zero failure"

Yuchai lived up to its mission and served the Victory Day parade with "zero failure"

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the just past grand parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan. Yuchai served more than 450 grand parade service vehicles equipped with Yuchai engines, covering more than 20 users, including Shouqi, BAIC, CYTS, etc, More than 8000 domestic appearance guests and military soldiers were picked up and sent by service vehicles. Yuchai service once again served the major festivals of the motherland with "zero failure", and fulfilled its mission

as early as the beginning of August, Chai received a notice that he needed to serve the task of vehicle support for the Victory Day parade on September 3. Yuchai has rich experience in vehicle service for major conferences and events, and has served the Beijing Olympic Games, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Sochi Winter Olympics, the APEC Beijing Summit, the Shenzhen Universiade, as well as the annual national two sessions and other grand events and international events. Especially in the past 12 years of serving the two sessions of the National People's Congress, Yuchai machine has performed very well, with "zero failure" every year. For both the units providing transportation services for the two sessions and the drivers driving vehicles during the two sessions, choosing Yuchai machine is equivalent to eliminating psychological worries in the first step. At the same time, the green, environmental protection and comfort of Yuchai machine is an opportunity for new green building materials enterprises and is widely recognized. If the universal experimental machine is in standby mode, it is one of the important reasons for choosing Yuchai machine for major domestic and international events

as the Victory Day parade is of great importance, and the number of users, the wide range of services, and the complex operation conditions, guests and military soldiers are distributed in different regions, which is a major test for Yuchai

after receiving the notice, Yuchai formulated a thorough work plan for transportation service guarantee, established a leading group of service guarantee team, and formulated an emergency work plan for effectively responding to emergencies. Review the selection of service personnel to ensure their quality; Strengthen the training of drivers and maintenance technicians to ensure the service quality; Strengthen vehicle inspection to ensure safety

before the military parade, Yuchai also dispatched professional service engineers from the headquarters to enter the state of full preparation. On the day of the military parade, Yuchai service personnel used the morning and evening time to carry out a safety inspection of the vehicles in advance to confirm that the vehicles were in normal condition, and implemented a "point-to-point" service based on the principle of "piecemeal service". Each station designated a special person to track and be responsible, and the service personnel were on standby at any time, so as to deal with and solve the on-site faults in a timely manner

in addition, with the implementation of stricter emission standards in Beijing, there are strict requirements for the stability of emission control. In response to the stringent environmental requirements, Yuchai has previously carried out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation of the passenger cars equipped with Yuchai engines in Beijing. During the victory day, Yuchai strengthened inspection to ensure that everything was safe

Kung Fu pays off. On the day of the military parade, the service of assembling Yuchai engine was used to "get off under such circumstances and successfully complete the task. With the curtain of the military parade on victory day falling, Yuchai service once again served the major festival of the motherland with" zero failure "and fulfilled its mission

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