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Yuchai appeared in the 5th Guangxi invention and creation exhibition

Yuchai appeared in the 5th Guangxi invention and creation exhibition

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on October 23, the 5th Guangxi invention and creation exhibition and Trade Fair was held in Yulin Convention and Exhibition Center, with 1117 invention and creation achievements appearing in the venue. Huang ribo, vice chairman of the autonomous region government, Wang Kai, Secretary of Yulin Municipal Party committee, and Su Haitang, mayor of Yulin, visited Yulin hall and Yuchai hall. Guodeming, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai group, and chenjinyuan, senior technical adviser to the chairman, attended the exhibition

this activity will last for 3 days, and will focus on displaying more than 1100 of the latest inventions and creations in our region in recent years, involving 14 100 billion yuan industries, 10 strategic emerging industries, traditional handicraft, tourism, culture and other industrial fields in Guangxi, covering the inventions and creations of enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, social inventors and primary and secondary school students. In order to promote the transformation of patent achievements, patent report meetings, patent promotion and docking meetings, patent pledge financing bank enterprise docking meetings, etc. will also be held during the period, and 19 key patent projects in the area will be intensively promoted on site

among them, Yuchai exhibited 22 items in this exhibition, including four valve diesel cylinder head, aluminum alloy cylinder head, variable position air filter, and recently attracted much attention. Only waste materials "return to post" is a 3D printing technology that costs about 1.1 million yuan to save materials in the mine

it is reported that in this exhibition, Yuchai not only provided the district science and technology department and Yulin hall with the fruits and materials, but also had a wonderful way to deal with this great enemy. It is also the only enterprise to set up the exhibition hall of invention and creation achievements. The contents exhibited in Yuchai Museum include the group's cultural concept and industrial chain overview, and convey Yuchai's innovative concept and R & D strength to the public

in the first three quarters of 2015, Yuchai obtained 193 invention patents, and was awarded the special award of 2016 general manager of Aluminum Corporation of China to undertake the special project of "made in China 2025", the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing

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