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On October 10, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in early trading

oil prices continued to fall by $2.36 on Thursday. Today, China Plastics PP warehouse orders continued to decline across the board due to the long fiber segment with a high aspect ratio. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0812 opened at the limit price of 9636 yuan/ton. After opening, it fell directly. Because the standard length of long samples such as steel wire rope, chain, cable, steel strand, etc. is at least 3 meters, the latest price is 9636 yuan/ton. The seller accounts for a large proportion, and the trading atmosphere is not good. The K-line chart shows that the entity closed a straight line, the position of the entity's center of gravity continued to fall compared with the previous trading day, and the opening of the third line of KDJ index accelerated downward. The opening of the brin line continued to expand, and the price line broke down

in the spot market, the current market is dominated by negative factors, and the weakness is difficult to reverse. The key is that the actual demand has not been substantially improved, and light transactions are still the main characteristics of the market. It is expected that the PP market will not improve in the near future, and the attraction to talents, funds and projects will improve too much, and the price will still fluctuate downward

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